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How smartphone use may make roads more dangerous

In 2008, there were 37,262 traffic deaths, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Although traffic fatalities went down in later years, the fatality rate has increased dramatically in the past two years. In 2016, there were more than 100 people who were killed either in or near a vehicle each day. Distracted driving is among one of the most common reasons why New York residents are others are killed while on the road.

What is the FDA's process for recalling dangerous drugs?

It seems as though a new medication comes onto the market every week. Many of these drugs literally save people's lives. However, in the rush to be the first company to put a medication for a particular condition on the market, a pharmaceutical manufacturer could make a mistake that threatens the lives of those who take it.

Research indicates that stairs injure all age groups

In New York City, there are many areas where stairs can pose a safety hazard. A study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine has stated that over 1 million Americans injure themselves on stairs each year. Researchers behind the study analyzed cases of ER visits due to stairway accidents between the years 1990 and 2012, and these are some of their findings.

Types of vehicle recalls

When safety defects on vehicles are identified, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issues recalls to get the dangerous cars and trucks off New York roads. Recalls are actually quite common, as the NHTSA has recalled more than 390 million vehicles for various safety defects and faulty vehicle components since 1966.

Contradictions about distracted driving

It is clear that distracted driving is dangerous and related to a significant number of accidents on roads in New York and across the country. Despite the evidence, there are contradictions among people's opinions. While many of them say distracted driving related to cell phone use is dangerous and should be illegal, many still do it and claim a high degree of confidence in their ability to avoid accidents.

NHTSA study highlights the benefits of safety systems

New York residents who drive older vehicles may be wise to consider trading them in for something more modern according to a 2013 research paper from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While properly maintained older cars can provide years of faithful service, they offer far less protection in a collision according to NHTSA researchers who studied fatal crash statistics gathered by the Fatality Analysis Reporting System between 2005 and 2011.

Distracted driving is a growing problem in New York

Distracted driving accidents claim thousands of lives around the country each year, and the problem has become more serious in recent years as Americans have become more reliant on their cellphones. In 2013 alone, distracted driving crashes killed 3,154 road users and left more than 400,000 others injured according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but road safety advocates say that this kind of accident is underreported and that the true figures are likely much higher.

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